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Recommend IPRoyal to others and earn up to 10% traffic rebate from their orders!
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What You Earn As An Affiliate?
iproyal What can you get?
You can earn a 10% traffic rebate on all your recommended purchases
iproyal No time limits on your commission
You’ll receive your commission for a customer regardless of when their commission cap is reached
iproyal No limit to the number of people invited
The more friends you invite, the more rebates you will get
Why Is Partnering With IPRoyal Worth It?
Real-time commission settlement
Real-time settlement of commission rewards, instant sharing,instant rewards
Abundant resources
IPRoyal operates flawlessly across all platforms and in a variety of use cases.
Intuitive dashboard
Easy-to-use dashboard to manage and monitor campaigns.
How Does This Work?
Step 1-Sign Up
Register your IPRoyal account and enter your personal center to participate in the Affiliate Program.
Step 2-Invite Friends
Copy your exclusive invitation link to share on all social media platforms
Step 3-Get Commission
You will get a 10% commission when your friends register and top up through your share.
Activity Description

1. For each successfully invited user's order, you will earn up to 10%.

2. It is forbidden to bid for the via proxy trademark in paid search advertisements. We have the right to suspend any account that violates this provision.

3. If your invited user cancels the subscription or generates a refund during the commission period, the corresponding commission award will be canceled immediately.

4. Invited users only support orders paid in virtual currency to participate in commission rebates.

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